'Fig leaf coming soon': Church replies to 'penis-shaped' comments after picture goes viral

Members of the Christian Science Church failed to notice one potential problem in the design of their new building

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A church intentionally designed to curve around an oak tree in order to protect it has unintentionally taken on a rather phallic appearance when viewed from above.

Now, the Christian Science Church in Dixon, Illinois has promised to protect its modesty by telling Facebook followers a "giant fig leaf [is] coming soon", after an aerial image of their building went viral.

The Church recently moved into their new premises, but failed to notice the phallic design until one resident looked at the building from an aerial position using Google Earth and posted a screen grab online. 

Established in 1903, Christian Science teaches "love, growth and spiritual healing" based on teachings from the bible and the writings of founder Mary Baker Eddy. The phallus shaped church also has the slogan "rising up" as its motto.

On the Christian Science Dixon Facebook page, they explained that the "building [was] intentionally designed around a beautiful oak tree (instead of removing it)", adding that "southern exposure means it can be heated with the same energy generated by a single light bulb."