Fit First Lady wins press-up competition on US chatshow

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Michelle Obama accepted a press-up challenge from Ellen DeGeneres on the US comedian's talk show – and won.

Having both risen to their feet and removing their jackets, the First Lady managed 25 in front of a cheering audience, beating her host by five after teasing the presenter that she had a problem with her back.

"I thought it wouldn't be good to show up the First Lady, so I stopped," quipped the comedian after quitting. "I thought: 'This looks bad that I'm going to beat her. I'm 54 and she's 48," added DeGeneres, who admitted that Mrs Obama's performance was "amazing".

Mrs Obama has been in Los Angeles to promote her "Let's Move" health campaign.

During her chat with DeGeneres, Mrs Obama also revealed that President Obama can be messy.

"He doesn't pick up his socks," she said.