Florida gardener arrested for running over mother duck and her day-old ducklings on a lawnmower

There was, 'a flurry of feathers, bones and small beaks went flying into the air.'

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A landscape gardener has been arrested after he mowed down a mother duck and her 11 Muscovy ducklings with a ride-on lawnmower, while the family who owned the birds watched from their window.

The 11 ducklings and their mother had just been fed; and their owners (family of three Boyd Jentzsch, partner Laura Gontchar and 7-year-old Kai) were watching them from the window of the Wellington home, according to the Sun Sentinel.

At this point 24-year-old Jason Falbo, of Palm Beach, aimed his lawnmower at the feeding chicks, put down the blades and ran straight over the birds.

Landscape gardener, Jason Falbo

There was, "a flurry of feathers, bones and small beaks went flying into the air."

The family ran out of the house screaming, but Mr Falbo did not stop.

He reversed the lawnmower and drove over the ducklings again, whilst laughing out loud.

Four of the day-old creatures managed to scramble away, but two later drowned in a lake.

A muscovy duck, similar to the ducklings

Nine ducklings were killed in all.

The family called the police, who arrived on the scene later that afternoon.

Mr Falbo was arrested for animal cruelty and is currently being held at Palm Beach County Jail.

"We were horrified," said Mr Jentzsch.

"I couldn't believe it was happening. It was totally disgusting."