Former President George W Bush shows up for jury duty in Texas

The 69-year-old surprised fellow jurors in the Dallas court room

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There are some people in this world – many, perhaps - who believe former US president George W Bush – belongs in a courtroom.

On Wednesday, they got their wish, sort of, when the 69-year-old sparked no small amount of surprise when he showed up for jury duty.


"I don't have the details but I do know the president took part in jury duty today," Sara Owen, a spokeswoman at Mr Bush's office in Dallas told The Independent.


The Dallas Morning News said Mr Bush joined the jury pool at the George L Allen Sr Courts Building in Dallas on Wednesday morning. His Secret Service detail could be seen outside.

Fellow juror Sheri Coleman told the newspaper: “They made it seem like it was an anonymous juror that never showed up and then they brought him in."