Tiny French bulldog manages to chase two bears out of her garden

The dog was rewarded with a bath and extra treats after scaring off the bears

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A french bulldog named Jewels received extra treats from her owner after she managed to chase off two 7-stone bears that had sneaked their way into her garden.

The whole episode was caught on a CCTV camera, that Jewel's owner, David Hernandez, had set up to keep an eye on the bears that had been damaging his property.

MUST WATCH: Two 100-pound bears stroll up to a house in California only to instantly regret their decision when they come face-to-face with all 20 pounds of a feisty French Bulldog.

Posted by WSBT-TV on Sunday, 4 October 2015

When two managed to make it into his garden in broad daylight, Jewels responded - running at the bears, which were five times her size, without hesitation, and barking at them until they fled.

Hernandez, who lives in Monrovia, California, told local news channel WSBT-TV: "It blew me away, I couldn't believe that she turned into a wolverine."

As well as all the treats she could eat, Jewels was rewarded with a bath for her valiant actions.