Fresh revelations made about Michael Jackson

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New claims about Michael Jackson and those working for him were made yesterday. They were contained in leaked Grand Jury documents on an American website.

The 1,903-page transcript of the grand jury proceedings that indicted the self-proclaimed "King of Pop" last April, includes evidence from the alleged victim, six members of his family and 34 other witnesses.

Among revelations on The Smoking Gun website - which has a reputation for uncovering unseen court documents - is that detectives found two videotapes at the office of Mr Jackson's private investigator, Bradley Miller, which contained surveillance footage of the boy who is Jackson's main accuser, and his family.

The Arvizo family claim they have been stalked and harassed by Mr Jackson's representatives since February 2003. Prosecutors allege the family were "imprisoned" in Neverland and that there was a plot to send them to Brazil.

The papers also contain claims that Jackson watched pornography with Gavin Arvizo, then 13. In two appearances in front of the jury, Arvizo now 15, told of how the pop star plied him with alcohol, watched pornography with him, and then molested himat the Neverland ranch. The transcripts also reveal that detectives searching Neverland found a photo of Arvizo in Mr Jackson's bedroom, along with a folder containing emails relating to the teenager.

They also found pornographic magazines. Mr Jackson, 46, has pleaded not guilty to 10 felony charges which include committing a lewd act and administering alcohol to commit child molestation.