Galloway to go on anti-war tour of US with Jane Fonda

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Few things are more likely to antagonise US conservatives than the combination of Mr Galloway and Ms Fonda - still hated by the right because of her outspoken opposition to the war in Vietnam - joining to condemn the American presence in Iraq. But Mr Galloway can expect a thunderous reception from those he impressed with his performance before a Senate committee last May.

In a statement, Mr Galloway, the Respect MP, said: "I'm really pleased and excited to be going back to America to campaign against this illegal war and occupation. And to have Jane Fonda join me is fantastic. I'll be able to get that autograph at last."

He added: "I'm sure that when the full implications of the constitutional settlement lashed-up by the puppet Iraqi government are understood that opposition will grow massively."

Mr Galloway, whose speaking tour, Stand Up and Be Counted, starts in Boston on 13 September and will end at a rally scheduled for 24 September in Washington, said he had received more than 20,000 messages from US residents asking him to return. He will also be promoting a new book, Mr Galloway Goes To Washington.

A tour organiser, Chris Dols, said: "People want to hear Jane Fonda and what she has to say about the war. That's worth hearing, and George Galloway has a lot to say about it, too."