Georgia Army veteran arrested for breaking window to free dog from hot car

Driver of the car pressed charges on man for breaking the window

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An Army veteran from Georgia was arrested after he allegedly broke the window of a Ford Mustang to free a dog that was trapped inside the hot car, according to the Associated Press.

Michael Hammons of Athens, Georgia was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing after he allegedly smashed the car’s window to get to a Pomeranian mix that was in distress while its owner was inside a store.

People on the scene said that a group of shoppers had gathered around the car to wait for police to free the dog when Mr Hammons broke the window.

When the police arrived, the driver of the Mustang had officers arrest Mr Hammons. The driver was cited for leaving the dog inside a hot car.

It is legal in Georgia for a bystander to break a car’s window to free a child from a hot car, but the state does not have a law that allows the same for dogs.


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