Georgia's 'Dr Death' Narendra Nagareddy arrested after deaths of 36 patients

12 patients suffered overdoses of prescription medication

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A Georgia psychiatrist dubbed “Dr Death” by police has been arrested on suspicion of over-prescribing prescription medication, after 36 of his patients died.

Twelve of the 36 patients who reportedly died under the care of Dr. Narendra Nagareddy suffered fatal overdoses of prescribed medication.

Clayton County police chief Mike Register told WSB-TV Channel 2 News: “He's a psychiatrist in Jonesboro who has been overprescribing opiates and benzodiazepine, and the last several years has had a multitude of overdoses and overdose deaths.

“People come to this person for help, and instead of getting help, they're met with deadly consequences.

“If the allegations are true, he is Dr. Death, no doubt about it.”

Among the patients who died following treatment by the psychiatrist is 29-year-old mum-of-two Audrey Austin, who suffered a fatal overdose of prescription medication just days after visiting the psychiatrist in February 2014.

It is believed the psychiatrist’s arrest came about due to the death of Miss Austin.

Dr Nagareddy has allegedly also received several complaints regarding the prescription of medication, since gaining his licence in 1999.

However, it is not thought that there are currently any medical malpractice suits or settlements against the psychiatrist, who denies the charges against him.