Get Me Bodied flash mob dance filmed minutes before patient has major surgery

Deborah Cohan was filmed dancing with her medical team moments before under-going surgery in San Francisco

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A woman dancing to Beyoncé's song Get Me Bodied just minutes before surgery alongside anesthetists and nurses in an operating theatre has gone viral.

Deborah Cohan danced with her medical team moments before under-going a double mastectomy at the MT Zion Hospital in San Francisco.

In a blog documenting her fight with cancer, the mother-of-two asked friends and family to make videos of themselves dancing for her to watch while recovering.

 “I have visions of a healing video montage,” she wrote on her CaringBridge page.  “Nothing brings me greater joy than catalyzing others to dance, move, be in their bodies. Are you with me people?

"I will be dancing in my little hospital gown and bouffant cap in the Mt. Zion operating room with the surgical and anesthesia teams. My fantasy is for you to play the song [...] and dance wherever you happen to be."

Her flash mob dance has garnered support from well-wishers across the globe, with user Melanie describing her actions as "inspiring" and Carly Jarvis who called her "truly amazing".