Ghost 'caught on police station CCTV', New Mexico officers say

Detective Karl Romero spotted the eerie ghost-like figure while monitoring the CCTV footage of his station in Espanola

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There was something strange in this neighbourhood and luckily it was outside a police station – after officers observed an eerie orb-like figure on CCTV skulking around their premises last Saturday.

Detective Karl Romero was checking the surveillance cameras of his station in Espanola, New Mexico, when he saw what looked like a ghost within a secured area outside the building.

He told Action 7 News that he even saw it move through cages and a gate as it traversed the car park, before alerting it to his supervisors.

“At first I thought it was a podilla, a fly or moth, then I saw the legs and it was a human. But not a real human. No. A ghost,” Mr Romero told Khon2.

Unauthorised movement inside or out of the controlled area would sound an alarm, leaving police baffled. “A lot of officers have seen certain things. Some officers have felt someone breathing down their necks as they’re working in the briefing room,” Mr Romer, adding that they do sometimes hear unusual noises on the premises.

Records Supervisor Francisco Galvan told Sky News: “It's definitely pretty strange. “You can see it's not an insect crawling across the lens. You can see it has legs.”

Officers added that as far as they were aware there was no ancient burial ground beneath the station and neither had any inmates or police died there.