Giuliani's cancer may give Hillary clear run at Senate

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The prospects for the hotly fought New York Senate race were pitched into chaos yesterday when Rudolph Giuliani, New York's Mayor, told reporters he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Mr Giuliani, a controversial figure who dominates the city's political life, was expected to run as the Republican candidate against Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of the President.

But he admitted yesterday he will have to reassess whether he takes the Republican nomination, throwing open the race and leaving the possibility that Mrs Clinton will steam ahead to victory. "I was diagnosed yesterday with prostate cancer. It is treatable and at an early stage," Mr Giuliani said. "It is also at a very early stage of determining what to do about it." Asked whether he would still run, he said: "I have no idea. I hope that I'd be able to run, but the choice that I'm going to make is going to be based on the treatment that's going to give me the best chance to have a complete cure. Should I do it? Would I be able to do it the right way? I hope that's the case but I don't know."

A New York Congressman, Rick Lazio, has campaigned against Mr Giuliani for the Republican nomination, and may well press his case now.

Mr Giuliani's treatment options include radiation and chemotherapy. "Some forms of treatment would require taking some time off," he admitted.

His father died from prostate cancer in 1981.