This was the moment fire fighters managed to successfully control a house fire within 30 minutes, with three adults and four children unharmed.

One of the fire fighters with San Bernadino Fire Department strapped a GoPro to their helmet and filmed the rescue team as they climbed the roof the property in the city of Victorville, north of Los Angeles in California.

The blaze at the single-storey home had also caused another fire at the house next door, and the Fire Department said they were "engaged in an aggressive coordinated attack with hose lines and vertical ventilation, knocking the fire down in 30 minutes."

The video shows fire fighters climbing the roof of the property and using a chain saw to cut away a section of the roof to tackle the fire.

The three adults and four children were outside prior to the arrival of the fire fighters, with the rescue team discovering no other individuals inside.

The rescue involved five fire engines, with damagers to the property estimated at $150,000.

The Red Cross is currently arranging temporary housing and clothing for the displaced family.