Handyman kidnapped 'to do repair'


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A man and a woman were arrested in San Jose, California  for allegedly abducting a local handyman and forcing him to repair their dishwasher.

Jason DeJesus, 36, and Chanelle Troedsen, 33, apparently invited the 50-year-old handyman to their home. When he arrived, they are said to have beaten and threatened him with further violence if he failed to comply with their demands. During what is said to have been an eight-hour ordeal, the man dealt with the faulty kitchen appliance, as well as a broken door.

According to local news outlets, he managed to escape as the pair transported him to a relative’s home to perform further household tasks. While DeJesus and Troedsen stopped at a petrol station, their alleged victim escaped and phoned the police, who arrested his captors on suspicion of kidnapping, false imprisonment, carjacking, criminal threats, conspiracy and assault with a deadly weapon.

Sergeant Jose Cardoza, of Santa Clara Sheriff’s office, said the “kidnapping” was preceded by a lengthy dispute between the handyman and DeJesus’s mother, who did not pay him in full for fixing her water heater.