Police helicopter crew broadcast 'inappropriate' conversation to Canadian city below

The incident trended on Winnipeg's Twitter service with the hashtag #whoops

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A crew of police officers accidentally shared their conversation about oral sex over helicopter tannoy during a routine patrol.

Canadian police have apologised to the public after one of their helicopter crews accidentally broadcast a sexually explicit conversation during a routine patrol over Winnipeg.

Listeners on the ground below took to Twitter to express their surprise and amusement at what they heard from the aircraft.


The incident trended on Winnipeg's Twitter service, using the hashtags #whoops and #loudspeaker.

The crew was unable to hear their chat being transmitted to the public over the noise of the helicopter. When they were informed of the situation they turned off the loudspeaker immediately.

Natanielle Felicitas, who tweeted first about the incident, later told CBC: "We paused to listen and were shocked by what we heard. It was a hilarious and inappropriate human blooper moment. I rarely tweet, but this moment seemed too bizarre not to share."

According to a police statement, at around 9.30pm local time on Monday three officers "inadvertently activated the aircraft's public address system," and "As a result, the flight crew's conversation was publicly broadcast."

"The Winnipeg Police Service, the Flight Operations Unit, and the involved members sincerely apologize to all members of the public, especially those who overheard the broadcast."

Constable Jason Michalyshen apologised to members of the public on behalf of the helicopter crew, "especially those who overheard the broadcast."

Winnipeg police said they are reviewing the incident and disciplinary action will be considered.