Helicopter rescues man clinging to a crane

Incredible video footage shows the crane operator hoisted to safety after a fire left him trapped 100m above the ground

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A man has been plucked to safety by a helicopter after he was left dangling from the end of the crane.

The crane operator in Kingston, Ontario climbed to the end of the crane to escape a blazing fire that was engulfing the construction site below him.

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However, once he reached the end of the crane he was left stranded 100m above the ground with no way down and firefighters unable to rescue him. The operator was clinging to the crane for around an hour and a half before a helicopter managed to reach him. 

According to the mayor of Kingston Mark Gerretsen who was tweeting about the fire, there was some bending in the steel and fears that the crane could have collapsed.

Extraordinary video footage shows a rescue worker from the Canadian Forces Base Trenton help to carry the operator to safety. The man was immediately taken to an awaiting ambulance and is thought to have only suffered minor injuries.

The fire broke out at a student accommodation building that was mid-way through construction on Tuesday.