Hillary Clinton reveals four key goals of her presidential campaign

The most controversial and poignant quotes from the Democratic front-runner

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After months of waiting, Hillary Clinton actually launched her presidential campaign, holding her first rally.


While Mrs Clinton previously announced her candidacy, this was her first true campaign event.

The event was held on New York's Roosevelt Island and brought out hundreds of people supporting Mrs Clinton's campaign, as well as a bit of opposition.

The Democratic presidential front-runner took the stage at 11:52 on Saturday morning and spoke for about 45 minutes.


Mrs Clinton has been criticised for not speaking specifically about policies since she announced her candidacy, but at her first rally she laid out the four tenets of her presidential run:

Make the economy work for everyday Americans

To accomplish this, she said she would rewrite the tax code, offer incentives to companies that share their profits with employees, focus on clean energy.

Strengthen American families

Mrs Clinton said she would establish preschool and quality childcare for every child, ensure paid family leave for new births or sick family, raise the minimum wage, and fight for equal pay for women.

Harness America's power and values to secure world leadership

She said that the US is in position to lead the world against rising threats, from Isis to hackers to infectious disease.

Reform government and revitalise democracy

The Democrat said she would stop the invisible flow of money to political campaigns in an effort to make politics more transparent. She said she supports a constitutional amendment to reform political donations from organisations.


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