HOLY X@#*! Senator exclaims surprise on Twitter when picked for jury duty

Senator Claire McCaskill tweets on what one should wear for jury, what one should eat, and how to beat boredeom


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Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill had a rather unorthodox reaction when finding out she had been selected for jury in a civil case in Missouri, Washington D.C.

The Senate Member said serving on jury duty was on her “bucket list” and became increasingly excited as she waited to hear if she had been selected from the jurors' pool.

After waiting from about 9am to 6pm, she tweeted: “HOLY X@#*! I am on the jury.”

The Senator, who has spoken out on many issues including sexual assault on campuses and gay marriage, tweeted to her followers about the “knitters” in the waiting room, her preparation in bringing a salad with boiled eggs, and answered tweets about what to wear in the courtroom.

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow even got involved, asking her online: “Is it weird that I’m desperate to know if @clairecmc is going to get picked for that jury?” Senator McCaskill replied: "A little".

Senator McCaskill also tried to beat boredom by reporting the number of people going to the vending machine and watching "Mason Perry" on TV, which she said inspired her to become a lawyer. The Democrat also hoped she would not have to watch Fox News.

At one point it appears the Senator was paranoid that the jury would not want to pick a lawyer, and she wondered whether jurors can always remain objective on a case.

Senator McCaskill has long been vocal on Twitter. She tweeted in May last year to say a rape scene in "Game of Thrones" was "unacceptable" and "disgusting".