Houston shooting: Gunman reportedly wearing Nazi uniform in attack that wounded 9 at shopping centre

Police officers said Nathan DeSai was wearing a vintage German uniform with swastikas, and filled his condominium with war memorabilia that dated back to the civil war

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The gunman killed by police after wounding nine people at a Texas shopping centre was reportedly wearing a Nazi uniform when he carried out the attack. 

Houston lawyer Nathan DeSai opened fire in the centre early Monday morning, hitting six people at random. Police say he began firing at police who arrived at the scene before they fired back, killing him. Three police were injured.

Investigators said that DeSai was wearing a vintage German military uniform with swastikas on it. A search of his condominium revealed a vast collection of Nazi paraphernalia, according to KRPC-TV

Houston Gunman Acted Alone – Police Chief

Despite the uniform, police officials could not say whether or not a Nazi ideology had anything to do with the attack. 

“What extent that played, I don’t know because there’s also other historic, or what I would call vintage, military stuff in the apartment going back to the Civil War,” Houston Police Capt Dwayne Ready said. 

Interim police chief Martha Montalvo said that DeSai had been experiences at his law firm at the time of the shooting. 

Witness of Houston attack who was next to shooter without realising

Six people were immediately rushed to the hospital Monday morning with injuries – one was listed in critical condition. Representatives from Memorial Hermann Hospital Southwest said all patients were listed in good condition by Tuesday morning. 

One victim is still listed in serious condition at Ben Taub Hospital according to Ms Montalvo. 

Witnesses reported hearing at least 30 shots fired at the scene, while the DeSai was reportedly firing for 15 minutes before police arrived. 

“As I was driving by Law Street, I suddenly heard a big explosion,” Eduardo Andrade, 42, told the Houston Chronicle. He added that he felt two bullets strick his vehicle. “I covered myself, accelerated and tried to get out of there.”