How did notorious drug lord ‘El Chapo’ escape from a high security prison?

More details are emerging of the Mexican’s daring escape from Altiplano High Security Prison

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Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman’s unbelievable escape from prison on Saturday is the 21st century’s Escape from Alcatraz.

In a high security prison that has three-foot thick walls capable of withstanding an RPG attack and systems that can block mobile signals; just how did ‘El Chapo’ manage to escape?

Watch the video below to find out about the notorious drug lord’s diabolical feat.

This is the second time Guzman has escaped prison. He managed to escape from a maximum security prison in 2001 before being captured again in February 2014.

A $3.8 million reward is on offer for details leading to his capture but with his Robin Hood status amongst his people – money may not be enough to bring back ‘El Chapo’.