Turkey brine recipe: How to cook your Thanksgiving meal the John Boehner way

Video: If you feel like celebrating the Republicans controlling both the House and the Senate, treat yourself to Boehner brine

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While President Barack Obama is busy pardoning his official turkey, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives will be tucking into his big bird with some special homemade brine.

Boeher, who has been Speaker of the House since 2011, released a video educating the American people on the best recipe he has for brining a turkey.

The Speaker found a basic brine recipe online and spent a number of years (probably when the Republicans were not the majority in the House so he had bit more time on his hands) tinkering with the details until he came across the ultimate brine.

Here's how to make it:

The Boeher Brine recipe

Take eight quarts of water, half a dozen bay leaves, kosher salt, palm full of pepper corns, a big head of garlic (cut in half) and 16oz of pure maple syrup.

Put it in a pot and heat the recipe until it's just about to boil. Turn the heat off.

Next, take a bucket, place a bag inside along with the turkey, then pour your brine recipe over the bird.

Put the bucket outside if it's cold enough or in the fridge for 24 hours.

Take out the turkey and for the first half of the cooking time, leave the bird breast down in the oven. For the second half, turn it over.

Once finished - Boehner cooks his at 160°c - let it cool for an hour.

"It's the resting time that really works," Boeher says.

Well, given the House's lack of meaningful legislation over the last three years, he should know about a good rest. It's just a surprise that - given his history of getting teary-eyed - Boehner didn't cry at the sight of his beautifully-brined bird.

Mr Speaker, take a bow.