Human skull found near Los Angeles' Hollywood sign

The skull is thought to be several years old

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A pair of hikers have found a human skull off a trail near Los Angeles’ iconic Hollywood sign, police have said.

The two hikers stumbled upon the skull around 400ft from the Bush Canyon trail near the famous sign in Griffith Park, Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

Lt Ryan Schatz told the Associated Press the skull appeared to be several years old and no other body parts have been located.

Lt Schatz said coroner and homicide investigators have closed access to the area and are searching for possible evidence.

The skull was found close to where authorities discovered a decapitated head four years ago. Gabriel Campos-Martinez was charged with murder in relation to the find in 2014 and pronounced guilty last year, CNN reports.

Covering 6.5 miles in the eastern Santa Monica Mountain range, Griffith Park is considered the largest municipal park in the nation.