Hurricane Joaquin: Meteorologists worry that hurricane could hit the east coast this weekend

The storm is currently brewing in the North Atlantic, and some predict it could soon batter the US with 100mph winds

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Hurricane Joaquin, a large hurricane that was upgraded from a tropical storm this morning, is currently brewing in the North Atlantic, with some forecasters saying it could hit the east coast of America next week.

The hurricane is currently blowing winds of 75 mph in the Atlantic Ocean, around 250 miles from the Bahamas.

Some meteorologists are predicting that the hurricane could hit land on Sunday, hitting the state of North Carolina first, before moving further north to Virginia on Monday.

The storm could still change before that happens, but forecasters are warning residents of east coast states to keep an eye on the weather over the coming days.

Even if the hurricane moves out to sea, as some experts believe it will, coastal residents can still expect strong winds and wet weather - but not as severe as the 100mph gales and torrential rain some might face if it makes landfall.

During hurricane season in 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the US, killing 160 people and causing tens of billions of dollars in damage.

While there is no indicating that Hurricane Joaquin will be nearly as destructive, residents of east coast states will be bracing themselves.