Husband arranges for wife to receive flowers every Valentine's Day for the rest of her life after he dies from brain tumour

Shelly Golay received some of her favourite red roses this year

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A woman has received flowers from her husband on Valentine’s Day a year after he passed away from a brain tumour.

Jim Golay was diagnosed with an inoperable form of brain cancer a year ago. After receiving news that his tumour was terminal, he set about arranging a surprise that would see his wife Shelly always receive flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Ms Golay, of Wyoming, told KCWY13 she discovered her husband had made an arrangement with a local flower shop to send some of her favourite roses each year shortly before he died.

Shelly will receive a bunch of flowers on Valentine's Day every year for the rest of her life

She received her first bunch two days before Valentine’s Day this year, which were addressed to her from Jim. The note left on the flowers read: “Happy Valentine’s Day honey, Stay Strong! Yours forever, love Jim”.

Ms Golay then contacted the flower shop to find out what Jim had planned before his death.

The note left on the flowers

Ms Golay said: "It was true love and you just don't find that very often, you know.

"Until the day I die, I'll get Valentine's flowers on Valentine's Day and that's just a testament of his love all over again."

Nate’s Flower Shop assistant Jessie Row said staff at the florists were deeply touched by Jim’s gesture.

"Basically, he had called and set it up before he passed and what it's going to be is just every Valentine's Day, just some of her favourite assorted coloured roses will be sent until the day she dies." she told the network.

“She called the other day, we all almost started bawling.”