I think Tiger Woods ought to be on my team, fellas...


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Best thing about being President? It could well be the ability to conjure up opportunities that mere Congressmen could only dream of. Personal performance by Beyoncé? Why not? Family portrait by Annie Leibovitz? Sure.

Similarly, Barack Obama matched the dreams of millions of golfers this weekend. The President spent the weekend in Florida hitting with friends and supporters such as his travel director Marvin Nicholson (once an aspirant caddy) and James R Crane, owner of baseball's Houston Astros.

Leading this pack, presumably, was one Tiger Woods, who joined Obama for a foursomes game, birdying the first hole. Details of the rest of the round are unclear, but Obama – whose weekly games are off-limits to the press – presumably put the former world No 1 on his own team (as he did with political bête noire John Boehner , who plays off an eight). For Woods, whose own misdemeanours have been well-documented, it was the latest move in earning his a reputation a presidential pardon.