Ice Bucket Challenge: US firefighter Tony Grider dies after participating in charity craze near power lines

Captain Tony Grider died of injuries sustained when participating in the ice bucket challenge last month

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A Kentucky firefighter has died a month after a doing the ice bucket challenge near power lines.

Captain Tony Grider and a fellow firefighter suffered electric shocks as they poured water on the local University’s marching band for the ALS ice bucket challenge.

The 41-year-old died on Saturday of injuries sustained during the incident.

Eric Johnson from Supporting Heroes said in a statement: “It is with deep regret we notify you of the line-of-duty death of Campbellsville, Kentucky Fire Captain Tony Grider.

"Please keep the Grider and Campbellsville Fire families in your thoughts and prayers,”

Grider is survived by his wife Gena, and five children.


He said the family and fire department are grateful for the support from fellow firefighters across the nation, hospital staff and Supporting Heroes.

Grider and fellow Campbellsville firefighter Simon Quinn, 22, were standing on the fire truck’s ladder when it got too close a power line and the resulting shock saw both men taken to University of Louisville hospital. 22-year-old Quinn was released from the hospital on September 15. Two other firefighters who came to their aid were also injured, but have since recovered.

"These injuries were very severe and both firefighters have fought extremely hard to overcome them," Smith said.

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This is the first death directly caused by the ice bucket challenge, last month’s viral video sensation designed to raise awareness for motor neurone disease.

There have been, however, a series of incidents in which the charitable craze has thought to have endangered lives.

It is suspected that Cameron Lancaster, an 18-year-old from Scotland, took the ice bucket challenge before he drowned in a disused quarry last month.

A Belgium man was left critically injured after being doused with hundreds of gallons of water by a low-flying plane.

The challenge's co-founder Corey Griffin drowned last month following a diving accident off the coast of Massachusetts.