'I'm dying to taste some girl meat': FBI agent says gruesome messages reveal 'Cannibal Cop' was mentored by a UK man in alleged plot to kill, cook and eat over 100 women

FBI agent claims former NYPD officer was mentored on the art of cannibalism by a man from the UK

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New York’s so-called cannibal cop was ‘mentored’ by a British man in his alleged plan to kill, cook and eat over 100 women, a court has heard.

Giving evidence at the trial of Gilberto Valle, FBI agent Corey Walsh read out a string of graphic messages apparently between the former NYPD officer and a British man using the email address ‘meatmarketman’ and screen name ‘Moody Blues’.

In the messages the pair discuss cooking and eating women, with some of the descriptions bordering on cartoonish.

It is these absurd elements that form the basis of Valle’s defence on charges of conspiracy to kidnap and improper use of a federal database system.

The 28-year-old’s lawyers claim Valle’s alleged plan to cannibalise women was, in fact, just a harmless fantasy and he never intended to carry out any of the attacks.

Mr Walsh said one of Valle’s messages centred on his former University of Maryland classmate Kimberly Sauer, who says she has nothing bad to say about her former fellow pupil.

Mr Walsh claimed Valle planned to cook Sauer in olive oil over an open fire and use her severed head as a centrepiece on the table as he ate.

The agent said Valle wrote: “I just can’t wait to get Kimberley cooking…I’m dying to taste some girl meat.”

In the messages ‘meatmarketman’ allegedly claims he had fantasised about cannibalism since he was a child, but did not fulfil his desire until he was in his 40s.

In one exchange between the pair, in which Valle reportedly expressed a desire to kidnap Sauer and eat her alive, ‘meatmarketman’ is said to have replied “I’m not really into raw meat’.

Earlier this week, Valle’s wife appeared in the witness stand to describe she originally uncovered her estranged husband’s alleged plans to kill and eat her, as well as cannibalise 100 other women.

She claimed their relationship started out normal but then “weird stuff started happening”, as Valle began staying up on the internet until 5am, and expressing an interest in Kathleen Mangan-Valle’s routes and how well lit and busy they were.

Ms Mangan-Valle’s claims she used computer spyware on Valle’s computer and discovered hundreds of images of blood-soaked women being tortured and one image she is convinced showed a dead girl.

The case throws light into the darker corners of the internet, including a website with 38,000 members, including Mr Valle, who, according to his lawyer, Julia L Gatto, discuss “suffocating women, cooking and eating them”.

Ms Gatto said the case tests “bedrock principles, the freedom to think, the freedom to say, the freedom to write even the darkest thoughts from our human imagination”.

Another man is awaiting trial for allegedly conspiring with Mr Valle to kidnap, rape and kill; he also claims he meant no real harm.

Mr Valle is expected to take the stand this week, and faces a possible life sentence if convicted.