In pictures: Brazil teachers' strike ends in violence again

This is the third consecutive week of clashes between police and demonstrators which have resulted in chaos

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There was another night of violence on the streets of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro as people continued to protest in support of improvements to the Brazilian education system.

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Teachers in Brazil have been on strike since 8 August, making this the longest strike and largest strike in the country so far. Thousands of people have come on to march in support of the teachers' strike.

This is the third week of protests which have been repeatedly ending in chaos, Tuesday marked national national Teachers Day in Brazil and the event was again marred by violence.

Anti-government demonstrators clashed with riot police following an initially peaceful protest. Masked protesters set fire to a police car, shops and threw petrol bombs.

Brazil is due to host the World Cup next year but there has been much discontent among the nation over money being spent on hosting the event rather than investing in health and education services.