Inauguration Diary: Promise is just a memory; Mitt’s not bitter… honest; Party spoiled for Kerry


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Promise is just a memory

Today was filled with memories of when Mr Obama first stepped into the Oval Office making many promises. One of those was that he would close Guantanamo Bay, which his predecessor, George W Bush, turned into a penitentiary for suspects in his war on terror. Closing it was to serve as a symbol of Mr Obama’s new approach on foreign policy. The fact that Guantanamo is still serving the same purpose, is now the symbol of something else: the quick banishment of his innocence.

Mitt’s not bitter… honest

Obama’s election rival Mitt Romney chose not to brave the cold of Washington DC, and instead stayed at his $12m (£7.5m) beachfront property in sunny La Jolla, California. One Romney aide told NBC news that he and his wife Ann had “no big plans” for the day, but that it was “doubtful” they’d be watching TV coverage. Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan said he felt it was his “obligation” to attend.

Party spoiled for Kerry

No one is meant to spoil the atmosphere at inauguration parties. So Watergate veteran and author Bob Woodward was breaking all the rules when he approached John Kerry at a Daily Beast/Newsweek party to tell the Senator that he is in possession of Wikileaks cables about dealings with Pakistan he would rather see kept secret. Mr Kerry smiled and pretended to ring Woodward’s neck. He was joking, we think.