Internet melts as puppy crawls into baby’s bed and cuddles up

This pitbull gives new meaning to the phrase ‘puppy love’

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Move over cats-on-the-internet, a puppy has stolen the online cute-crown.

Although, the term ‘cute’ doesn’t even cut it when it comes to Eisleigh and Clyde, the 10-week-old-baby and the eight-week-old pit bull puppy, who clearly have nothing but love for each other.

A video of Clyde scampering up to Eisleigh she sits quietly in her baby recliner has gone viral, clocking up 644,000 views on YouTube, as it shows how well the pair go together.

The puppy walks up to the recliner, climbs in and cuddles up to baby Eisleigh, before nestling down with his head next to hers, making the baby smile.


Eisleigh’s mother Brandi Hodges, 25, of North Carolina, posted the video onto YouTube with the message: “They absolutely adore one another!” She also has an Instagram account that she uses to detail the pair’s relationship and her family life, with pictures showing her baby and her puppy cuddling up together in different places. 


Ms Hodges is a self-professed animal lover, and constantly places pro-pitbull hashtags such as "#pitbullawareness" and "#educationnoteuthanisation" on her pictures.