Is Donald Trump the world's most embarrassing dad?


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Donald Trump's Obama-bashing didn't just bother the President's supporters during the recent election race – the property mogul's increasingly shrill campaign also embarrassed his children, who, if a new report is to be believed, attempted to calm him down.

Eric, Donald Jnr and Ivanka Trump are said to have approached their father before the election, as his campaign to get President Barack Obama to disclose his birth certificate evolved into what many on the outside saw as a personal crusade. "The three of them met and went to see their dad… [They] told him he's worked too long and too hard to build up the reputation he has. They understand completely he's always been outspoken and that he likes attention, but this is too much," a source told the New York Post.

Mr Trump's representative, however, told the Post that the meeting never took place.