Is this the scariest job interview ever? Cruel prankvertisement appears to show fake job interview interrupted by Armageddon

The combination of the images on the screen, combined with crashing sound effects, throws the interviewees into a blind panic

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Job interviews are sufficiently nerve-wracking without someone faking the end of the world mid-interview.

That was precisely the cruel fate experienced by candidates for a bogus job interview set up to promote a new high definition television.

Korean consumer electronics company LG invited two men and two women to the fake interview in Chile. Instead of a window in the office where the interview took place the company set up one of their 82-inch ‘Ultra HD’ television screens.

The interview process seems perfectly normal as the interviewer shakes their hand and starts to look at their resume.

Midway through, however, the cityscape on the screen begins to change. The blue sky turns to black and a meteor crashes into the city causing a huge explosion and sending the ripples of shock waves racing towards the building.

The combination of the images on the screen, combined with crashing sound effects, appears to throw the interviewees into a blind panic.

In another cruel twist the lights then go out and the unsuspecting victims are left in the dark for a couple of minutes to add to the drama.

The reaction of the interviewees varies from relief to anger with some left furious by the prank.

The advert, known as a prankvertisement has since been viewed over 1.7million times on YouTube.

Some viewers have, however, been left less than convinced by the advert with some claiming it features actors and actresses rather than real individuals duped into taking part in the fake interview.

The advert follows a similar one by the same company from October last year in which hapless victims were fooled into thinking they are about to plunge down into a lift shaft.