Isis: Philadelphia woman arrested for 'trying to join terror group'

Woman was preparing to fly overseas to fight with Isis

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A Philadelphia woman was arrested on Friday for allegedly plotting to travel abroad to join Isis in its fight in Syria, the Associated Press reported.

Keonna Thomas allegedly was soon to fly overseas so she could fight alongside Isis, after allegedly communicating with an Isis fighter in Syria who asked her if she was ready to be a martyr for the group.

Ms Thomas responded that becoming a martyr for Isis “would be amazing”. She has been charged with providing material aid to terrorists and will appear in federal court later on Friday.

Ms Thomas allegedly began posting support of Isis in August 2013 and her posts included photos of jihadists and messages such as “When you’re a mujahid, your death becomes a wedding”.  Mujahid translates as someone who engages in jihad.

After raising money for her trip online, Ms Thomas applied for a passport in February and bought a ticket to Barcelona, scheduled to depart 29 March. It is not clear why she did not go on that trip.

The arrest of Ms Thomas comes a day after two New York women were arrested for allegedly plotting to make and plant bombs around the US. Those women are not believed to be associated with terrorist organisations, though they may have been inspired by Isis.


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