Jackson 'molested boy while he slept'

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The younger brother of the boy accusing Michael Jackson of sexual molestation testified yesterday that he twice saw the pop star molesting his brother, masturbating while the youngster was asleep.

Of the first incident, he said: "I saw directly on to the bed. I saw my brother was outside the covers. I saw Michael's left hand in my brother's underwear and I saw his right hand in his underwear."

He calmly told the court: "I didn't know what to do. I went back to my guest room." Two days later, he said, he encountered a similar scene, but never told anyone about it.

The boy, who is a year younger than his brother, had earlier said the pop star showed them pornographic internet sites on the first occasion that they were invited to his Neverland ranch and later appeared naked and aroused in front of them.

The brother also described being served alcohol - which he said Mr Jackson described as "Jesus juice" - out of soft-drink cans.

When his brother complained of feeling sick on a private flight, he said, he leaned on Mr Jackson's chest. "I saw Michael's head licking the top of my brother's head," the boy said.

There were some discrepancies between the case laid out in the prosecutor's statement and the brother's testimony that the defence seemed sure to take up on cross-examination.