James David Manning: Anti-gay pastor who insists Starbucks uses 'sodomite semen' in coffee admits he's been 'tempted by gay lifestyle'

He also praised Isis for stoning homosexual people

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A controversial US pastor, who insisted that Starbucks uses "sodomite semen" to flavour lattes, has admitted that he’s been tempted to have sex with a man. 

James David Manninhgig, the head of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York and an anti-LGBT hate preacher, urged his flock to boycott the multinational coffee chain by insisting it was "the absolute truth" and that it added "sodomite semen" to drinks. He appeared to have read the claims in an article that has previously been debunked by several news sites as fake.

"The thing that I was not aware of is that...what Starbucks was doing, is they were taking specimens of male semen, and they were putting it in the blends of their lattes," the International Business Times quoted. 

"My suspicion is that they're getting their semen from sodomites," he continued.

He made his latest comments in an interview with The Young Turks YouTube news channel, in which he once again stated that semen is added to coffee in Starbucks as a marketing ploy as “a number of people think semen tastes good, and that drinking semen is a good idea”.

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After the hosts quizzed him on his view that homosexuality is a choice, and whether he’d ever been tempted to make such a choice he said:

"Oh, absolutely. No doubt about it."

"I spent 3 and a half years in prison[…]I saw a lot of that activity going on[…]I saw that and was tempted, but I didn’t yield to temptation."

Manning went on to maintain that being homosexual is a "lifestyle choice" which should be severely punished.

Asking how his support of such punishments makes him any different to extremists such as Isis and the Taliban, he said he praised the wisdom of these groups.

Calling homosexuality a "heinous violation of humanity" he explained: “I’m not the one who wrote the script[…] Be upset with Moses” he said adding that religious figure called on "sodomites" to be stoned.