Three-year-old boy becomes mayor of Minnesota town

James Tufts won the position at the local annual food festival

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'Don't say any poopy talk'.

That's the advice a six-year-old boy has given his three-year-old brother, who has followed in his footsteps to become the mayor of a town in Minnesota.

James Tufts became the ceremonial mayor of Dorset, which has a population of 22 people, in the northern part of the state earlier this month.

Tufts, who lives with his family in Nevis, won the position after his name was picked from a ballot at the annual Taste of Dorset food festival. He told “I wanted to be the mayor so much. It’s pretty awesome.”

His brother, Robert, was mayor of Dorset for a term at the age of three and again at the age of four.

Offering his younger sibling some words of wisdom, Robert told him “to be nice when you talk to people and don’t say any poopy talk”, Reuters reported.

The boys’ mother, Emma, was happy that Robert, and now her younger son, would use the mayoral position to raise money for charity.

She told "I think that together, they're going to be kind of unstoppable. Together with the right resources, they can use this to their advantage and go somewhere pretty awesome with it."