Joe Biden caught in awkward photo at swearing-in of Defence Secretary Ashton Carter

Not the first time the vice president has been in such a photo

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Joe Biden must not be a huge fan of personal space. It seemed that way in a photo taken of the vice president during Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremony for new Defence Secretary Ashton Carter.

Mr Biden was photographed whispering sweet nothings into the ear of Mr Carter’s wife, Stephanie, standing awkwardly close to her with both hands on her shoulders while the new defence secretary spoke.

Perhaps he was telling her something vital, but this isn’t the first time the US second-in-command has been caught in such a situation.






Many Twitter users have taken to calling the vice president “Uncle Joe” in a nod to some of the awkward situations he’s been in during his run as veep. Not surprisingly, Twitter had a lot of fun with his latest incident.





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