US journalists are using #WeStandWithWDBJ to tribute the Virginia broadcasters killed on-air

'I do this job with pride. But today I do it with a heavy heart'

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Journalists across America are using the hashtag #WeStandWithWDBJ in solidarity with the two reporters who were murdered on-air in Moneta, Virginia.

The Committee to Protect Journalists counted 39 deaths of journalists in 2015 before Wednesday’s brutal murder, CNN Money reported. The deaths of reporter Alison Parker, 24, and photojournalist Adam West were the first in the US since 2007.

Reporters, photojournalists and producers offered their condolences in the hours after the murders.

Reporters are also saying that they're not afraid to go out on the scene and do their jobs.


People are also using color bars to mourn the victims.


Reporter Alison Ward was 24-years-old and secretly dating her coworker

Photojournalist Adam Ward was 27-years-old and engaged to his coworker

Gunman confirmed dead after shooting two Virginia journalists live on air