Kentucky man cheats death after tree falls on car trapping him inside - video

Howard was driving his church van through Ashland's Central Park when he was caught in the huge hailstorm

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A Kentucky man was lucky to escape with his life after a large tree crushed his van trapping him inside during a major hailstorm last week.

Josh Howard was driving his vehicle through Ashland’s Central Park in Kentucky when he was caught in the storm that saw tennis ball sized hailstones fall from the sky.

Just seconds later, a large tree landed on top of his church van, crushing its roof and narrowly missing Howard by a matter of inches. In the video, Howard can be heard screaming “Oh my god” and “Please, please, please” as he digests his lucky escape.

The hailstorm was part of the terrible weather experienced in America’s Midwest last week.

At least two people were reported dead and many more injured, as a result of the massive tornadoes that were filmed ripping through Illinois last Thursday. The storms also affected other states like Iowa, Missouri, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, where thousands of homes were damaged and many more homes were left without power.