LA fire: Two major highways closed as 200 firefighters battle 'huge' fire in Los Angeles

The fire has already closed two major highways

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The centre Los Angeles has been lit up by massive flames as hundreds of firefighters tackle a massive blaze that has turned the cityscape orange.

“It’s huge,” David Ortiz, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department told the Los Angeles Times.  He said that at least 200 firefighters were trying to control the blaze, which had broken out in West Temple Street, an east-west highway which travels through the centre of the city.

Officials said the fire had closed two major highways.

Mr Ortiz said the fire appeared to have broken out at a property that it set to be both a residential and work building. However he said that officials did not think anyone was living or working there when flames took hold. He said an investigation would be required to determine the cause of the blaze. Other media said there were no reports of anyone being injured in the fire.








Reports said that the fire broke out at 1:20 am local time. The flames could be seen for miles and that pictures of the fire were posted on social media from such vantage points as the Hollywood Hills. Photos showed flames that appeared to block streets around the 101-110 interchange of West Temple Street.

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