Landmark Music Festival 2015: The hits and misses from Drake to TV On The Radio

Megastars and miscues at the first-annual festival benefitting America's front yard

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The band was one of the most impressive acts of the weekend. Energy, lighting and crisp musicianship made for a breathtaking experience.

Jordan Uhl for The Independent

TV On The Radio

The group’s harmonies were on point during a set that combined both old and new hits that left the crowd wanting more.

Jordan Uhl for The Independent


David Macklovitch energized the crowd while Patrick Gemayel pumped out bass-heavy synth beats in what was a undoubtedly one of the festival’s best performances.

Jordan Uhl for The Independent


The rapper's set got off to a rough start with a few miscues between him and his DJ but delivered an energetic and otherwise remarkable performance in his hometown.

Wale by Charles Reagan Hackleman-02707.jpg
Charles Reagan Hackleman via Landmark Music Festival



The band’s performance was so incredibly dull it’s a mystery how this band has gotten to this level in its career.

Jordan Uhl for The Independent


Aubrey simply went through the motions Saturday night. The former Degrassi star opted to have the crowd do much of the singing for him, belted out an unimaginative freestyle, and resurrected an otherwise stale beef. Still, the Canadian rapper drew a large, albeit blindly loyal crowd as many of them didn’t enter the park until right before his performance.

Drake by Cambria Harkey-04619.jpg

Cambria Harkey via Landmark Music Festival

The Strokes

The band casually took the stage — after a 20 minute delay — to the sound of thousands of shrieking fans. Again, fan loyalty obfuscated a lackluster performance. The set was far from their best performance, especially considering they ended their set short. The rabid fans who waited all day to get a spot up front didn’t seem to mind and are likely still reveling in the news that the NYC-based outfit is back in the studio.

Strokes by Cambria Harkey-10062.jpg

Cambria Harkey via Landmark Music Festival


The singer’s hyper-sexualized act is getting old. That, coupled with an outfit almost certainly stolen from Lenny Kravitz’ wardrobe marred what could have been an electric set.

Jordan Uhl for The Independent