57-stone man Larry Evans' 'inspirational' work-out videos become Facebook hit

Mr Evans is documenting his mission to lose weight on social media

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An extremely obese man has become an internet sensation after posting videos documenting his mission to lose weight on Facebook.

Larry Evans, from St Louis, Missouri, says he weighed a staggering 57-stone when he began his trying to shed the pounds. He has been filming his workouts at his local gym and uploading them onto social media ever since.

His posts, which include captions such as “get up, get out and do something”, “get fit don’t quit”, and the hashtag #teamlarry, have been described as “inspirational” and have seen thousands rush to send him messages of support and encouragement.

A video of him lifting weights, which was posted two days ago, has been viewed over 12 million times, while Mr Evans' journey has gained him 34,000 followers.

A 'Team Larry' GoFundMe page was also set up four months ago requesting donations in order to pay for a personal trainer.

His latest work-out saw people congratulating him on his progress, with comments including: "You certainly have my respect! Keep it up" and "Good man. Keep going you can do this!"