Last US Great War veteran dies at 110

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Frank Buckles, who lied about his age to serve during the First World War and lived to be the last surviving US veteran, has died at the age of 110.

Mr Buckles, who also survived being a civilian prisoner of war in the Philippines in the Second World War, died peacefully of natural causes early on Sunday at his home in West Virginia, a family spokesman said.

Mr Buckles turned 110 on 1 February. When asked in 2008 how it felt to be the last surviving US veteran, he said simply: "I realised that somebody had to be, and it was me."

Born in Missouri in 1901, Mr Buckles visited a string of recruiters after the US entered the war in April 1917. He was repeatedly rejected before convincing an army captain he was 18. He was 16. Mr Buckles served in England and France, working mainly as a driver and a warehouse clerk.