Lava flow continues to sweep across Hawaii

Video: The molten rock destroyed a house in just 45 minutes

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A slow-moving lava flow is continuing to advance across Hawaii after destroying its first house and claiming part of a cemetery.

The lava has been steadily making its way towards Hawaii's rural communities for many months but it was not until yesterday that it burnt down its first house, destroying the property in just 45 minutes.

The molten rock is from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island. Scientists have been warning residents of the impending danger of the lava flow since August. In late October, local officials began telling residents in the lava's path to prepare themselves for evacuation.

Hawaii County civil defence director Darryl Oliveira said that the next home is about half a mile away, adding that a garage and a barn near to the home that was burned down could also be destroyed soon.

The lava began to flow from Kilauea way back in June and entered Pahoa, the largest town in the Puna district, on October 26. It is hard for experts to now predict where the lava will reach next.

The county believes the value of the destroyed home was $200,000 US dollars (£126,000) and Oliveira said the people renting it left in August.