Lightning strike narrowly misses police cruiser in Mississippi - video

Sensational dashcam footage captures a streak of lightning splitting the morning sky

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A police officer in Gautier, Mississippi was left startled after the near-miss of a terrifying lightning strike.

Sgt. Mark Rodriguez was driving down the Interstate 10 Freeway when his dash cam captured a single bolt of lightning that broke the hazy morning sky in a scene that looks more drone strike than stormy weather.

The dashcam was not recording audio at the time but the dramatic pictures suggest the noise would have been deafening.

Speaking to the WLOX local news station, Sgt. Rodriguez recalled the blinding effect caused by the intense flash of the lightning bolt, as he drove over the Tchoutacabouffa River.

The officer later returned to the spot where the lightning struck to survey the damage and found scorched concrete.