Luka Magnotta '1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick' video features second unidentified man, court hears

Accused has admitted the acts but pleaded not guilty to murder

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A "graphic, gruesome and potentially upsetting" 10-minute video Luka Magnotta allegedly filmed of himself killing and dismembering student Jun Lin featured another victim, the Crown said on Monday.

The first 53 seconds of the video show a different man tied up, Louis Bouthillier told the court in his opening arguments in Montreal.

"They show another man, alive, bound and lying naked on the bed inside Mr. Magnotta's apartment," the Crown said.

Magnotta admitted to the acts he is accused of, but pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, committing an indignity to a body and other charges claiming he was not responsible for his actions due to mental illness.

Bouthillier said that the other nine minutes of the video, which Magnotta allegedly titled '1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick' and uploaded to hours after the murder, show Lin's dead body in a similar position to the newly-discovered first.

Seeing acts of necrophilia and cannibalism committed as the New Order song 'True Faith' plays in the room, the video was quickly reported to police after it was published in 2012.

A forensic investigator with the Montreal police opened testimony in the murder trial yesterday by describing how a human torso was found in the rubbish outside Magnotta's apartment.