Man arrested after allegedly taking dead mother's body to bank in wheelchair in US

David Vanzo is being investigated for neglect and financial exploitation

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A man who possibly took his mother’s dead body to the bank in a wheelchair so he could withdraw money in her name has been arrested in the US.

David Vanzo’s mother, Caryl Vanzo, died days before her 91 birthday earlier this month, My Fox Twin Cities reported.

Officers called to the home they shared in Plymouth, Minnesota, reportedly found her dead in bed, wearing a dressing gown and fur coat with her shoes covered in excrement.

Seven hours earlier, Vanzo had taken his mother to the bank in her wheelchair, where he withdrew $850 (£570) in her name.

A police search warrant seen by My Fox Twin Cities said bank staff were concerned to see Mrs Vanzo’s feet dragging under her wheelchair as her lifeless body "did not move" and employees "couldn't tell if she was breathing”.

A neighbour who saw Vanzo putting his mother in a taxi to get to the bank said: "I don't know if she was just unconscious or not alive.”

Vanzo was arrested for elderly neglect and is reportedly also being investigated by authorities for alleged financial exploitation.

He denies all allegations, saying he loved his mother and dedicated his life to her, when interviewed by Fox 9.

"I took care of my mum for years,” he added. “I'm the good guy here, not the bad guy."

Chief Mike Goldstein, from Plymouth police department, said the investigation was trying to establish whether Mrs Vanzo was alive when she was wheeled to the bank.