Man drives truck into TV station to 'expose the multiverse'

He believed in set of infinite universes where bad things happen

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In scenes reminiscent of Back To The Future, a Baltimore man rammed a stolen truck into the WMAR-TV station on Tuesday in a bid to "expose the multiverse world".

Vladimir Mehul Baptiste, who told police he believes he is the reincarnation of both King Tut and Jesus Christ, is charged with three counts of attempted second-degree murder, three counts of first-degree assault, theft of a motor vehicle and further burglary charges.

He told police and media that he believes in "multiverses" where bad things take place and people disappear to because they are not real, citing the Malaysian airplane disappearance and the kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria as examples of people lost to one of the universes.

According to court documents, Baptiste said he woke up and decided to "expose the multiverse world" by walking from his home to the area between I-695 and York Road, stealing a truck belonging to Greenskeeper Environmental LLC and driving it to WMAR-TV.

"Baptiste stated he saw an opportunity to 'expose the multiverses' and stated by smashing the truck into WMAR-TV he could 'close the multiverse' that WMAR-TV represented," documents stated.

The incident brings to mind 80s sci-fi film Back To The Future, in which Marty McFly travelled to a historical universe within the multiverse by driving a car fixed with a 'flux capacitor' at a high speed.

Baptiste, who said he didn't intend to hurt anyone, told police he targeted WMAR-TV because he wanted to expose his parents who had been "running the multiverses".