Man 'kills blind wife of 56 years because she was nagging him'

Jack Lang said his wife 'just wouldn't shut up' and he couldn't take it anymore

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A husband who allegedly killed his blind wife of 56 years said he shot her because she had been nagging him for three weeks, according to police.

Prosecutors say Jack Lang, 76, fatally shot his wife June because she had been moaning at him and “giving him hell”.

Lang said his wife was calling him names such as “baby” after he said he didn’t feel well and wanted to go home while on their way to lunch on Wednesday.

His wife often nagged him for not being able to help enough around the house and “just wouldn’t shut up” according to Fox 6 News.

According to the criminal complaint, Lang fetched a gun from a nearby room and approached his wife in bed, telling her that he was holding a gun inches from her head.

Prosecutors allege he then shot her after she refused to stop complaining, before unsuccessfully attempting to shoot himself in the face. He only managed to graze his forehead once, despite firing three shots.

Lang then called 911 on Wednesday to say he'd just shot his wife in the face. Police found his wife dead in the couple's bedroom.

Lang faces charges of first degree intentional homicide and use of a dangerous weapon. He could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted.