Baby 'getting high': Man posts appalling Vine video of child appearing to smoke cannabis

Man laughs as child smokes

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A vine user has posted a video of a toddler appearing to smoke a cannabis cigarette, to the shock and outrage of other users.

The child sits on a toilet in a Mickey Mouse jumper in the looping clip, before being given the (presumably) drugs by an older man filming, even holding it correctly and inhaling, as though he had learnt how to after watching his father so many times.

The cameraman bursts into laughter in the video and doesn't appear to show any remorse.

It was posted by user Niko Wavy who apparently found it elsewhere, writing "I'm not black no more..... Y'all n****s are something else smh' (shaking my head).

The clip was reposted many times and wound up on Reddit, where comments flooded in seeking for the child's father to be reported.

"This is no environment for a child to be in," one user wrote. "He needs a good parent not someone to hurt him or bring him down."

They added that they had reported the video to CPS in California in the hope that police would track down the original poster and get closer to finding the child.